I’ve had steady and not so steady roles as a software engineer, entrepreneur, corporate goon, photographer, cook, coach, world traveler, husband and other things perhaps best left unsaid.

Through all of those experiences, I’ve come to realize that I want to use the various and sundry “hard skills” that I’ve accumulated over the years to help others create a more peaceful, just world and at the same time, help them create more personal “success”, whether that means better relationships, more financial success, or better health.

I don’t think there’s one way to do anything. I’m not dogmatic.  I eat meat and lots of it.

I’ve managed to create a life for myself that I quite enjoy. Many people tell you that money isn’t really what’s important but then proceed to show you pictures of themselves inside of their private jet.  I’m not “rich” by most Western standards, but I do work for myself, choose my own schedule, travel frequently, and am generally quite happy.  I live in one of the best cities ever, Boston, with my amazingly loving wife Michelle along with my prized possessions, my camera and All Clad Copper Core.