{Podcast} Episode 2 | The Holocaust Kindness Project

Oct 13, 2016 | Episodes

In today’s episode, I share some thoughts about a project I started about 8 years ago to document as many memorials to the Holocaust as possible with the intent of creating a book and traveling exhibit as a way to share the memory of the Holocaust with those that wouldn’t otherwise be able to experience a more traditional memorial.

As I progressed photographing this project – so far over 30 memorials in 17 cities in 8 countries – I noticed that I grew numb to all of the stories and images of the horrible things that humans can do to each other. But what I have never grown numb to are the countless stories of acts of kindness that happened throughout the war – from the one so vividly expressed in this photo, to those acts between some guards and prisoners, to the countless people and nations that risked everything to save lives of those whom would have been otherwise murdered.


Today, I talk about the project and share some of these stories of kindness, including:

  • A community of Albanian Muslims that saved several Jews
  • A German woman working in a factory who snuck food to a boy
  • Several countries who have done great things