{Podcast} Episode 3 | The relationship between creativity, listening, compassion and fear. With special guest Amie Hill.

Oct 20, 2016 | Episodes

Today, I speak with Amie Hill, a woman I met over 35 years ago, who had a significant impact on my view of the world and my desire to create more peace.  Today, we talk about where creativity comes from and how to create safe environments that foster creativity.  We also talk about Amie’s experiences at Woodstock, as she shares stories of helping people having bad “trips” and the power of simply being there and listening non-judgmentally.

Amie’s books include The Interlocken Difference:Four Decades of Experiential Learning and Community Building Worldwide and Meditation 101: A Clear and Friendly Guide for Beginners of All Persuasions.  She also maintains the Historical Timeline of Libera Boys’ Choir.