{Podcast} Episode 15 | Solving global problems with ONLY a better understanding of how the mind works. With Special Guest Mara Gleason.

Mar 8, 2017 | Episodes

I speak with Mara about Trump and why it’s not particularly useful or necessary to be afraid. We also speak about racism, and its causes and solutions.  And, of course, about solving global issues. Please check out OneSolution, an initiative that Mara has recently co-founded.
  • Peace is something you attain, or is created amongst people as a dynamic.
  • Peace is a pre-existing universal truth that people get to experience when the illusions of our thinking fall away.
  • Like the Northern Lights, “peace” is happening all the time, but you only see it in certain conditions. When there’s a parting of the clouds it’s revealed to you something that’s always going on.
  • Peace is a state that is left over when your mind isn’t creating noise and chaos and seeming separateness.
  • People kick up a whole lot of lot of thinking that creates stress which leads to behaviors that create social problems which in turn create global problems.
  • “But for my thinking, I’d have peace, and I’d create peace.”
  • Racism as a symptom not a cause.
  • Slavery, apartheid, institutional incarceration, socio-ecomnic disparity, police violence are all symptoms.  We try to solve racism at the symptom level which is impossible.
  • The only way you can fix any global problem is to fix it at the source. The source is the mind. 
  • Racism is just a thought.  It can only be addressed in the minds who are thinking that way.
  • Any inequality comes from a habit of thought.
  • We mistake our thinking to be true.
  • Im just a thinking creature — that doesn’t mean my thinking is right.
  • How Trump is really the same as all of the rest of us.
  • “I don’t think he’s evil.  I actually don’t.”
  • There are plenty of Trumps in the world.  “I am a Trump in my own way sometimes. I have my own times where I get so compelled by my own ideas and my own thinking that I’m right.  And I’m sure I can be a nightmare sometimes.”
  • “It’s so easy when we see someone that we don’t like to demonize them and see them as evil.  The second we do that, there’s no room for progress to be made.  It’s just a write off.”  You’re basically stuck with this evil person.
  • There is one thing that unites us all… Everyone is just doing what makes sense to them given what seems real to them.
  • Everybody is just looking to feel good.
  • When people have a quiet mind, they feel at peace.
  • Talking about Suffering as a White Male
  • There was an article in Al Jazeera about a syrian man who was detained and tortured for 3 year. He says it was the most peaceful time in my life and “I have never experienced such humanity.”
    • When you’re in that situation you pretty much have to let go of everything.  You have no control over your physical environment or safety.
    • Completely helpless in the worst of the worst circumstance.
    • Now living in Sweden, he worries more now because he has started thinking about what might or could happen.
    • The way in which people just helped each other and were just loving with each other in prison was an amazing display of humanity.
  • Peace is something built into life.  There is some force or energy that just IS.
  • There’s an unbelievable pure life force that can be experienced unconditionally.
  • Prisoners in Auschwitz who were able to separate circumstance from experience by understanding the power of thought.
  • When we talk about hope and promise that underlies people’s thinking, there’s an incredible peace on offer.
  • It’s so hopeful, and yet so many people living in comfortable conditions are worried.
    • For one hot second, don’t worry about the extreme situations of the world.
    • “In Brazil, in ‘houses’ made of two pieces of corrugated metal leaning against each other, they don’t need me to remind them that peace and resilience is innate.”
  • Fighting facts with other facts seems like an impossibility.
    • Facts is an interesting concept anyway.
    • It’s just like a he-said she-said with a couple. Both think they’re right. It doesn’t get you anywhere.
    • The level of consciousness just sucks. There’s no clarity or perspective.
    • We’re not going to get anywhere debating who has the righter set of facts.
  • We’re going to have to find a different feeling in the world— which in part comes from getting humble and being willing to let go of a lot of the righteous aggressive thinking that we all have.
  • Behaviors are a ripple out of thinking. If I think angry, I’m going to behave similarly.
  • “The second I blame a bad feeling on something outside of me, I’m handcuffed. I’m trapped in that feeling until something on the outside changes. “
  • When people aren’t in a bad feeling, they’re infinitely intelligent and creative and have energy.
  • If I’m not in a state of freakout or upset, I’m going to have more energy to deal.